Auto Remesher 1.0 Beta Released

Since the Initial commit of Auto Remesher from 18 Jun 2020, near three months have been passed, and I am confident to move this repository out of alpha stage, and release the first beta, you can download it from here.

Auto Remesher is mainly been developed for Dust3D, and is aim to be an automatic quad retopology tool and library which could be very easy to remesh a triangulated model to a quad mesh. You can check this post for how this repository been originated.

How it works?

Auto Remesher expect a triangulated mesh as input, with or without boundaries. First we uniformly remesh it by OpenVDB, and CGAL.

This 3D model by Artec Group inc. ( is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

The uniform remeshed result is then been parameterized by QuadCover method. It project all the triangles to a grid system. After that, all the connections could be extracted by tracing the intersections of isoline and the edges of triangles. The following images show each of the steps.

Parameterization UV using QuadCover

Show model with parameterization texture, in MeshLab

Connections extracted from parameterization

Edges extracted from connections

Quads extracted from edges

In the first several alpha releases, we tried MIQ method. It works on the same way of parameterization as QuadCover, and could generate more even quads, but trade with more computation time, especially on complex meshes.

Relative Height

During the development of Auto Remesher, we create a new method called Relative Height, although it’s not been used any more in this repository, it may be useful for other things.

Jake Rice did some interesting test as linked below.

Thanks everyone who helped to test and provide invaluable suggestions.

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