New Features in Dust3D 1.0.0-rc.1

Dust3D is a 3D modeling software for indie developers to quick create video game characters. There are many new features been introduced in this release candidate version: Dust3D 1.0.0-rc.1

New Rig Generator

New rig system are more stable than the previous version, and is capable of handling uncombined meshes during the skinning and weighting processes. You can check the Cat example model from File / Open Example to see how to create a run motion which then could be exported as FBX and GLB for importing to Unreal Engine, Unity, Godot Engine or other game engine.


The state of the art Instant Meshes is been introduced to remesh the model based on the poly count setting. It’s native built-in, not invoked by command line. Choose the target poly count from component context menu you can get your model or component remeshed instantly.

Cloth Simulation

An easy cloth simulating system based on Samer Itani’s FastMassSpring implementation.

Spanish and Italian

Thanks MrAlexEsisteGia for the Italian translation and azagaya for the Spanish translation. Two new languages are been added.

UI Improvements

Thanks to Karl Robillard’s contributions, the window size could be preserved between runs, and many useful shortcuts for menu items are been added.

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