Dust3D 1.0 Beta 17 Is Now Available

Dust3D 1.0.0-beta.17 is now available, here are the changes,


Remote IO Protocol:

This is an experiment with Evan from University of Florida, to enable third party software/hardware to control the modeling process of Dust3D. This feature remains in experiment stage and may not exist in the final 1.0 stable version. See the protocol here: http://docs.dust3d.org/en/latest/remote_io_protocol.html

Uncombined Mode:

There are Normal and Inverse modes there before this release for component, normal represents the normal mesh union, inverse represents the mesh subtraction. This release introduce Uncombined mode, which represents the component would not take part in the mesh boolean algorithms. Be noticed that, model with uncombined mode component exists, would not be generate as a watertight mesh.

User Defined Cut Face:

Cut face is the extruding shape, with this release, the cut face could be configured as Quad, Pentagon, Hexagon, Triangle, and User Defined. User defined cut face could be selected from other parts with the target set to Cut Face. See demo here: https://twitter.com/jeremyhu2016/status/1132026219522772993

Base Plane Constrain:

Mesh layout and thickness adjustment are depend on base plane calculation. This release introduce the constrain settings: Dynamic, Side Plane, Front Plane, and Top Plane. It’s useful to limit the directions of mesh been generated. See demo here: https://twitter.com/jeremyhu2016/status/1130586879454109696

Color Solubility:

If one part configured color solubility, the generated color texture seam between the neighbor parts will be gradient filled using this part’s color with the specified solubility. See demo here: https://twitter.com/jeremyhu2016/status/1132159910815227904

P.S. Please note that, there is a #10minuteseveryday activity on going, where there are some fresh daily models been added.