First time ever! Dust3D model get 3D printed

I’ve always wanted to try 3D printing, today I finally get my hands on it! Cos my day job company has bought a MakerBot. :)

It took the printer 30min to print this frog, from nothing to real thing! I was super stoked.

(Lowpoly frog, 3D Printing in MakerBot, model generated by Dust3D)

Though it’s not my intention, it’s not a coincidence that models made in Dust3D is perfectly suitable for 3D print, the reason being so is that Dust3D models are watertight and no self intersection.

I remember the first ever model made in Dust3D by myself was an ant. I showed it to my day job manager, after that he refers my software as “Jeremy’s Bug Application”, is ant a bug? LOL. I kind of like the name. The feeling of knowing the software which I wrote from scratch can actually work and generate 3D models properly, was ever so sweet.

Today this feeling had come back to me.